Special Education

HOPE Learning Academy of Toledo is committed to serving the child with mild learning disabilities; mild social disabilities, or the child who is struggling in the large classroom setting. Our small inclusive classroom environments keep the focus on the individual student. Teachers work closely with students and their families to provide an educational program that is designed to meet the individual learning needs and styles of each child at their ability level.

Child Find Policy

HOPE Learning Academy of Toledo complies with all applicable federal and state laws, procedures and policies regarding the school’s child find responsibilities. HOPE will conduct all child find activities for students who are enrolled in the school so that they are appropriately located, identified, and referred for evaluation.

Parents or guardians have the right to review their child’s records and refuse permission to release information (except as required by, or permitted by, law to be released).

Pursuant to Ohio law, HOPE Learning Academy of Toledo is required to perform the same child find duties as city, local, exempted village school districts, and will endeavor to adhere to its responsibilities in a manner that does not duplicate the duties of the city, local, or exempted village school districts. A CHILD FIND NOTICE shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the geographic area covered by the identification activity before any major identification activity.