Our School Leader

A Message from Joella Simmons, HOPE’s School Leader

Welcome you to HOPE Learning Academy.  As you explore Hope Learning Academy, you will discover what makes us the perfect environment for children with exceptional learning needs.  The HOPE community, is made up of staff, students and parents that are committed to working together to help each individual child achieve academic success!

From Kindergarten through Middle School, our faculty understands the developmental needs of all of our students and through a variety of approaches including problem-based learning, differentiated instruction, social skills and sensory integration as well as collaborative instruction with social skills, sensory, technology and art help each of our students learn and grow.

This website contains valuable information regarding our school, but it is only a snapshot of what we have to offer. I hope you find it helpful and it encourages you to visit HOPE Learning Academy and see for yourself the difference we make in the lives of our students. Please fill out the information requested on the Admissions pages of our site, or call our office and arrange for a personal tour of the school.

Thank you for your interest in Hope Learning Academy, I look forward to diving into a successful school year with you all!