How We Teach

HOPE is committed to providing our students with the best teachers possible.

How We Teach

All teachers at HOPE are HIGHLY QUALIFIED as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act and the Ohio Department of Education.

All of the HOPE teachers are committed to serving the HOPE students and are expected to:

  • Come to school every day
  • Help our students learn and grow
  • Understand that learning is sometimes difficult
  • Try their best to help our students overcome learning difficulties
  • Help HOPE students attain success in the classroom

How We Teach

Because all students learn differently, HOPE believes that teaching should vary to meet these differences. At HOPE, our highly qualified, dedicated staff use a variety of teaching styles and strategies to help ensure all of our students have the necessary tools to be successful learners.

These include:

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Technology Based: iPads, Laptops
  • Problem Based Learning


As a public chartered school, every parent or guardian may request information on professional qualifications of each classroom teacher.  All professional qualifications are on file in the school office.