Week of 5/25

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Learning about tricky people and safe strangers up until the end of the year. Please look for yellow handout to come home. 3rd-6th Grade Learning how to defeat D.O.F. (Destroyer of Fun)           7th Grade Continuing work on our “secret project” 8th Grade High school readiness. Please look for […]

Week of 5/11

Kindergarten We will be spending the next several weeks talking about stranger safety and tricky people. Please see information that comes home with your child. 3rd-6th Grade Working on defeating Worry Wall. This week we made Worry Stones! A tiny trinket used as a small comfort and reminder to think of Positive Polly and what […]

Week of 4/26

Kindergarten MORE EXPLODING FUN! Today we read When Sophie Gets Angry; Really Really Angry. We identified when Glassman entered her brain, and….BOOM! More vinegar and baking soda fun!                     We also met Body Snatcher this week! He sucks our bodies away from the group. He might make […]

Week of 4/20

*Some grades will not receive social skills as normal due to the adjusted testing schedule* 3/4 Grade Review of Taming the Testing Monsters!!!! Help your child feel worry free during the testing this week by going over how to “tame the testing monsters” at home as well as getting a filling breakfast and a good night’s […]

Week of 4/13

Kindergarten Superflex is teaching us the importance of knowing the size of our problems.  Later this week we will meet Glassman! He makes us have overreactions to small problems.     3/4 Grade Finished The Feel Good Book! They did a great job! We also started talking about how Grump Grumpininy can also turn us […]

Week of 3/30

Due to the shortened week, 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will not be receiving social skills Kindergarten Spring time fun and an egg hunt this week! Students looked for eggs and clues to tell them where they could find more eggs in the school              

Week of 3/23

Kindergarten The beginning stages of our life size “robots”, inspired by storybots and numerous Disney characters and super heroes               1st Grade Partner challenge today! One student builds a structure with the legos without their partner seeing. Then must give clear directions to their partner to build the same […]

Week of 3/16

Kindergarten Lots of storybots fun! We are going to make life size robots with our faces on them! storybots.com is an awesome interactive website that allows your child to be the star in many movies and stories. 3rd and 4th Grade Introduced to Grump Grumpininy this week. He gets into our heads and makes us have […]

Week of 3/9

Kindergarten Review on whole body listening this week! Some of us have forgotten what that looks like We practiced controlling our wiggles when Mrs. McGuire blew lots of bubbles, but we couldn’t pop them! Of course eventually we got to pop as many as we could             1st and 2nd […]

Week of 3/2

** Due to the testing schedule and Tuesday’s cancellation, all grades did not receive social skills this week ** Kindergarten Introduced to Brain Eater this week! He gets into our heads and makes us distract others by being silly, screaming or interrupting. We had fun practicing ignoring each other as each student had a turn […]