Rebellion in Music

Hello all! Hope everyone had a restful Spring Break. As we get into the last quarter of the school year, we’ll be widening our look at music, looking at things that have been a part of music since music began. Today, we’re looking at rebellion. We already touched on this a little before Spring Break, […]

Dream Albums

This week we’re talking about music albums, and how they are used to show people an artist or band’s performing or songwriting abilities. Students talked about how they would showcase the things that they are good at, and listened to some examples of albums throughout history. Students were then asked to come up with their […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll

This week, we focused our attention on the genre of rock ‘n’ roll. Classes were given the opportunity to use the program GarageBand to put together some simple rock ‘n’ roll pieces using the elements of drums, bass, and guitar. They also listened to the music of rock ‘n’ roll legends like Chuck Berry, Little […]

African Americans in Music

We’re spending the month of February talking about the influence of African Americans in music history. Last week, we learned about the very beginnings of popular music and the reasons why we enjoy making and listening to music. This week, we learned about jazz, and the different elements that make it up from the sounds […]

Music This Week: The King!

Hello all! This week’s music classes will be focusing on the musician Elvis Presley, how he changed music, and the different things that made him the recognizable musician he is today. Elvis took two very different musical styles and fused them together into something new. As such, K-2 will be listening to different pieces of […]

Music in 2015

Hello all! Hope that everyone had a restful break. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to do a better job of updating this blog! So, here’s what your students can expect for the next few weeks. In all classes, I plan to focus on opinions, likes, and dislikes with regards to music, […]

Music at Hope

Hello! My name is Matt Guion, and I’m very excited to be teaching music at Hope! Music can be such an important and vital part of the education process, engaging students on multiple levels. My approach involves engaging the students’ visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses through music, integrating music with their classroom learning, and giving […]