Week of December 8

This week we are working on story problems in Math.  In Language Arts we are doing group reading.  In Science we are learning about the planets.  Students should be studying their spelling words to prepare for the weekly Spelling test.  

Week of December 1

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This week we will be reading in groups for Language Arts.  In Science we will be studying the phases of the moon.  In Math we will be working on story problems with 3 digits, and of course we will have a spelling list that students should be studying […]

Week of November 17

In Language Arts we are learning about contractions this. In Social Studies we are learning about land forms. Wednesday is the test in Social Studies over land forms. Thursday is a Math test over 3 digit subtracting with borrowing. Spelling test on Friday. Next Monday after lunch we are having our Thanksgiving dinner with first, […]

Week of November 10

In Language Arts this week we will be learning about compound words. In Math we are going to be subtracting three digit numbers with regrouping across zeros. In Social Studies we are learning about land forms, and students will be writing a paragraph about the native American tribe they researched in Technology. This week’s spelling […]

Week of November 3

This week we will be doing guided reading groups. In Math we are working on regrouping in three-digit subtraction in the ones and tens. In Social Studies we are working on reading maps.  There will be a Social Studies test on Thursday. Here are our Spelling words for this week: come eight four from have […]

Week of October 27

Our story this week for Reading is “The Ugly Vegetables.” Reminder that reading logs are due Thursday. There will be a spelling test Thursday. The spelling list for this week is: liked using riding chased spilled making closed hoping baked hiding standing asked In Social Studies we are continuing work on reading maps. In Math […]

Week of October 20th

This week we are learning about bats.  At the end of the week students will be writing a paragraph about the facts they learned about bats. In Math we are continuing to work on adding two 3-digit numbers with regrouping in the tens and ones.   We will also be working on story problems.  On […]