Ms. Lieb’s Art Blog has MOVED!

It’s the new year and time for some new changes. I will now be using a different (easier-more picture friendly) Blog for the art room. Please visit this google blog for weekly updates and lots of pictures. Just click on the  Link and off you go!                   […]

Ms.Lieb’s Art Room: December 8-12th

Art Room Week at a Glance: Art K- Creative play centers: Play-dough kitchen, legos build it, and directed draw, Read: If you take a Mouse to the Movies & Snow Bear Art 1: Painted our homemade clay beads! Creative play centers. Art 2: Color mixing experiment and cookie color wheel..yes we even got to eat […]

Ms. Lieb’s Art Room Week of December 1st-5th

Art Room Update: Art K: Working on completing their ABC Art Book along with practicing art centers. Art 1: Wearable art! Made homemade clay beads and even worked on jewelry bracelet designs. Art 2: Completed our Mexican Animal Pinatas! They look awesome and are hanging in the stairways of the school. Check them out! Art […]

Ms.Lieb’s Art Room: Week of November 17-21st

Art Room updates: K: Project: ABC Book of Art, Project: Pete the Turkey Read: Pete the Turkey Art 1: Completed the unit on Cave Art-Hands throughout history Art 2: Completed a Quiz on color mixing-Primary and Secondary Colors, Practiced and Sang a color song by : OK, Go, and painted our animal balloon pinatas Art […]

Ms. Lieb’s Art Class: Nov 9th-14th

Art Room update: ArtK: Project: Started the ABC Art Book Art1: Hands through out Art: Completed 4 Art Centers: Hand trace, pom pom design, clay building, symbols Art2: Project: Fiesta Pinatas: Traveling our way through Mexican Folk Art Art3/4: Project: Painted our 3/d Owl Sculptures Art5/6: Completed Van Gogh inspired Bed room with Pop-up Chair […]

Ms. Lieb’s Art Room: Week of November 3-7

This week in the Art Room… Art K: Project: Fall Harvest Corn, Used printmaking techniques and rolled an ear of corn into paint, Read: From corn to popcorn and even had a snack of popcorn. Art 1: Project: Cave art-Students experienced drawing in a dark cave (under the tables). We focused of cave art animals, […]

Ms. Lieb’s Art Room: October 27th -30th

This week in the art room: Kinder Art: 1: Read: Boogie Bones , Danced to: Dem bones Skeleton Dance, Project: Q-tip Skeleton (Day of the Dead). 2: Read: Big Green Monster, Watched: Go away Big Green Monster, Project: Big Green Monster with yellow eyes. 3: Project: Created a marshmallow and pretzel monster Art 1: Read: Boogie […]

Ms. Lieb’s Art Room October 20-24th

This week in the Art Room we worked on: Kinder Art: Read: Nuts to you. Project:Torn paper Acorn, Watch: Going to an Apple Orchard Project: Ribbon weaving Apple, Apple prints Art 1: Read: Guess who’s just moved in. Project: Haunted House  Collage (we were house designers/architects) Art 2: Read: Guess who’s just moved in. Project: Haunted House […]

Ms. Lieb’s Art Room: Wanted Recycle Items

Art Room is looking for Recycled items: small cardboard boxes (cereal, cracker, pasta) plastic lids (cottage cheese, milk, pop) ​small plastic containers (yogurt, applesauce, pudding) paper towel rolls toilet paper rolls used markers old magazines (school appropriate- cooking, housekeeping, travel, sports) Please have your child bring in any of these items to the Art Room […]