The Birth of Hope

HOPE – Created to provide an educational alternative for students with mild learning disabilities and those who struggle in a traditional classroom environment.

hope-startWhen a local parochial school, whose mission was educating students who struggled in traditional classrooms and/or who had learning disabilities, closed its doors Spring 2013, many families felt they had nowhere to turn. This school had been their last alternative after years of searching for an educational setting that would understand the needs of their children and serve them accordingly.

After listening to the fears of the parents of the students displaced by the school’s closing, Mr. Daniel LaValley, a long standing advocate for students with disabilities and past board chairman and board member of this parochial school, made the decision to open a charter school. HOPE Learning Academy of Toledo was created. The name was chosen specifically because it provided HOPE for the families of those displaced students that their children would continue to flourish and have a positive school experience.

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