HOPE Learning Academy of Toledo's

Mission Statement

HOPE Learning Academy of Toledo is committed to providing an excellent and accommodating education for children with special needs. Our classroom setting cultivates “self-reliance, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.” We have created a curriculum, through research, infused with social growth, sensory integration, and art enrichment.

Our Mission

The HOPE Belief Statement

Hope Learning Academy of Toledo Believes In:

  • Helping each student reach his or her potential,
  • Obtaining and implementing various teaching strategies to accommodate different learning styles,
  • Protecting each student’s right to learn in a safe and healthy environment,
  • Expecting only positive outcomes.

The HOPE Promise

HOPE Learning Academy is Committed to:

  • maintaining small class sizes
  • maintaining a Highly Qualified and dedicated staff
  • holding our students to high academic rigor
  • developing students who are independent, critical thinkers
  • helping our students grow in Social Thinking and Social Skills
  • providing an engaging, interactive learning environment