Toledo Museum of Art Partnership

HOPE and the Toledo Museum of Art have created a wonderful partnership.


Hope Learning Academy of Toledo has the exciting opportunity to be located so close to the Toledo Museum of Art! Because of this closeness, HOPE can create a wonderful partnership between our school and the museum. This partnership will benefit HOPE’s children in many ways:

  • The Family Center
  • Continuous Community art projects
  • Docent led tours
  • Partnership art programs

The Toledo Museum of Art offers educational art experiences and hands-on activities to children and underserved populations of the community FREE of CHARGE!!

The Family Center: Free, fun, and open to everyone! The TMA Family Center, located in the education wing near the Plough entrance, is the perfect place for our youngest Museum visitors to make and take memories with their parents and caregivers. Drop in for themed activities for kids ages 1-10.

Partnership Art Programs: Museum staff works with nonprofit groups to offer arts education both at the museum and at each group’s location. Past groups: Boys and Girls Club, Adelante, and Ella P. Stewert Academy and Hope Learning Academy!

Out Reach Art Workshop: An Art Reach workshop involves the Outreach teacher taking something currently relevant in the Museum and connects the participant to that exhibit by a brief discussion and then a related art project is created.  All of the work that is created in an Art Reach workshop is then retained by the Outreach teacher, brought back to the museum where it is framed and installed in an exhibition in the Community Gallery along with other participants’ works.  This is a way to not only talk about connections in the Museum, but to get people to come back and see their art on the wall.

Toledo Museum of Art Field Trips: Hope Learning Academy travels to the Toledo Museum of Art to visit art exhibits. We hope to have field trips every year so our students can enjoy and learn from these community experiences.